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Our Services


Paws N' Claws is committed to delivering unparalleled care for your cherished pets across all our services. Please review our comprehensive service offerings listed below, and feel free to contact us should you have any questions.


House Sitting (Overnights)

Dog Walking and Check-Ins

Every Night
Hours (7:00 p.m. - 7:00 a.m.) Includes One midday check-in



Base Rate: $45 per night

Holiday Rate: $50 per night



  • ​Additional Dog: $10 per additional dog

  • Additional Cat: $10 per additional cat

We provide specialized in-home pet-sitting services, allowing both canines and felines to relish their weekends in a familiar environment. Rest assured, their well-being and safety are our topmost priorities. We will consistently share updates regarding your pets, ensuring you remain well-informed, and guarantee the utmost comfort and joy for your cherished animal companions.


Base Rate, 30 Minutes: $25

Base Rate, 60 minutes: $50

Holiday Rate: $30

Puppy Rate: $30



Base Rate, 30 Minutes: $30

Base Rate, 60 Minutes: $54

Addtional Drop In (30 min) $10 

Holiday Rate: $35



Additional Dog: $10 per additional dog

Our pets are more than companions; they are integral members of our families. Recognizing their needs for both exercise and companionship, we offer a tailored service to meet these demands. Our professionals will visit your residence for a dedicated 30-minute session to nourish, hydrate, and engage with your pets, ensuring their well-being and contentment.

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