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About Us

Our mission is to enrich the lives of our clients through unparalleled pet care and outstanding customer service. We uphold the highest standards of professionalism and integrity, ensuring the utmost respect for both you and your property. Rest assured, your pets will be cherished and treated as if they were our very own.

Animal Kingdom

Our Story

Stephanie, the founder of our company, established this enterprise recognizing the pivotal role pets play in our lives. Our team consists of trusted pet care professionals from the Pensacola, Pace, and Milton regions. We are firmly committed to providing each client and their pets with expert, individualized attention. Specializing in in-home care, our sitters are adept at ensuring your "four-legged family members" feel at ease and loved in their familiar surroundings. Each team member is deeply passionate about fostering a nurturing environment for pets, and we eagerly look forward to sharing that devotion with yours.

Meet The Team


Owner\Certified Professional Pet Sitter

Stephanie is the proud owner of Paws N' Claws, a thriving pet care service that reflects her lifelong dedication to animal welfare. Having grown up surrounded by pets, her love for animals has always been a guiding force in her life. Stephanie is distinguished as one of the few Certified Professional Pet Sitters in the area, a credential she earned through Pet Sitters International.

Beyond her certification in professional pet sitting, Stephanie is also CPR and Pet First Aid Certified, and holds specialized certifications as a Dog Care Specialist, Cat Care Specialist, and in Dog Behavior. Her commitment to maintaining a high standard of care is evident in her proactive approach to health and safety, including specialized training in COVID-19 protocols.

Despite earning a law degree and initially training as a paralegal, Stephanie realized that her true passion lay in working with animals. This decision has led her to a fulfilling career where she continuously seeks to enhance her knowledge and skills in pet care. Her exceptional connection with animals and her dedication to furthering her education are central to providing the best possible care for your beloved pets.

Pet Sitter

Peyton is a seasoned pet care professional with a lifelong passion for animals. From a young age, she has been surrounded by a diverse array of pets, giving her a deep understanding and appreciation for the needs and nuances of different animal companions. This personal experience is complemented by her professional background in doggy daycares, where she honed her skills in animal handling and care.

Peyton is also CPR certified, ensuring that she is prepared to handle any emergencies with calmness and competence. Her clients often remark on her amazing connection with animals, noting how quickly she can bond with their pets and make them feel at ease. Peyton's dedication to animal welfare and her comprehensive expertise make her a trusted and valued resource for pet owners seeking compassionate and skilled care for their beloved animals.

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